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Fractal Image: Mandelbrot

Half-Size Images:

Dragons (21 KB)
Falling (30 KB)
Fern Fronds (19 KB)
Heptagon (52 KB)
Mandelbrot (15 KB)
Nudibranch (17 KB)
Squiggle (21 KB)
Tie Dye (60 KB)
Vertigo (35 KB)
Whirlpool (44 KB)

[Half-size image of the fractal: Mandelbrot]

Full-Size Images:

Dragons (92 KB)
Falling (181 KB)
Fern Fronds (84 KB)
Heptagon (261 KB)
Mandelbrot (54 KB)
Nudibranch (57 KB)
Squiggle (91 KB)
Tie Dye (331 KB)
Vertigo (188 KB)
Whirlpool (260 KB)


About the Fractal Image (Artistic):


The word "fractal" was created by Dr. Benoit B. Mandelbrot, a mathematician who is now known as "the father of fractals". Dr. Mandelbrot was born in Poland in 1924 and educated in France. Today, Dr. Mandelbrot is a professor of mathematics at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. During his education, Mandelbrot became familiar with the work of a French mathematician, Gaston Julia. Julia published a paper in 1918 that later formed the basis for Dr. Mandelbrot's work with fractals. It was Mandelbrot's work at IBM's Watson Research Center during the 1970's that showed the world the beauty and mystery of fractals. There, Mandelbrot created the first computer-generated fractals. The most famous of Dr. Mandelbrot's computer-generated fractals is now called the Mandelbrot fractal (above). Because of its distinctive shape, it is sometimes called the Mandelbrot "bug".


About the Fractal Image (Technical):


The Mandelbrot fractal is, not surprisingly, a Mandelbrot type or Type M fractal. Type M fractals are infinitely detailed (literally) and are interesting for the patterns formed by the filaments, especially at high magnification. Virtually all the other sample fractals on this Web site that are Type M fractals are simply portions of this very fractal seen at higher magnification (and colored differently). For example, the Mandelbrot fractal is shown at a magnification of 3X. The Heptagon fractal is just a small portion of the Mandelbrot fractal at somewhat higher magnification 10,000,000,000X. This is to say that the Heptagon fractal appears in the Mandelbrot fractal, but that at 3X, the Heptagon fractal is only the size of a single atom!


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